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On Monday (August 3) I participated in a beautiful sung meditation with my daughter Dominique Oyston. Our focus was Joan of Arc, visionary and oracle, pure-hearted teenager, and warrior with a difference who led the French into battle yet never unsheathed her sword. Her outward mission was to drive the English out of France, which happened a mere twenty years after the English burnt her to death.

Spiritually her deeper purpose was inspired by Archangel Michael, herald of the new age of the consciousness soul. The separation of those entangled cultures was important for distinct French and English consciousnesses or ‘natures’ to unfold in this age. And today they are indeed different.

In the evolution of consciousness, European nations as they developed were to bring an end to the failed concept of one homogenous humanity under the rigid rule of the universal Catholic church. Spiritual forces are at work in history and the ultimate inner purpose is for one world humanity to emerge, but built upon diversity and genuine individuality. Many human hearts still yearn for this.

Even a superficial look at subsequent events in those two nations reveals how missteps have brought so much tragedy in their wake. The ancient Hermetic axiom ‘As above, so below’ resonates still. As it is in the higher worlds, so it is on earth and within human souls – and vice versa. Counter forces of distortion are alive and active. We saw this when the French Revolutionaries’ cry of liberty, fraternity, equality was so violently misappropriated during ‘the Terror’, and in England’s colonial adventures, the misuse of the will that all but destroyed indigenous cultures.

Colonialism, imperialism, nationalism, religious divides, factionalism with their ‘us and them’ mindset. There’s so much that has gone wrong right across the world. And now we are facing a global pandemic. Is this bringing us together? In part, yet the fires of blame and divisiveness run rampant, with fuel added by opinionated voices on social media.

The way forward is always challenging when the bad travels with the good. Yet the inexorable road towards one humanity is slowly happening. And everywhere there are people who value uniqueness and find loving connections through differences.

Pure souls such as the soul of the Maid of Orléans are still available to inspire us to be brave in our compassion and to lift our consciousness above negativity, to align our inner being with Michael, the face of Christ, as she did. And in my meditation, I did experience the light of her love in the beautiful green, the colour of chakra of the heart.

More on Joan of Arc in my website: (the 6th portal)


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