Along the River - Pilgrims not Tourists

One of the things I’d like to write about is the imagery I use. I’ll start with the river. The one on the website comes from an oil painting by Peter Oyston. I love its mystical mood and the sense of a journey into the unknown. In ancient days rivers were the easiest means of getting around – no hacking through dense forests, no lugging crippling weights overland. The huge stones for the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge, or the even more ancient Newgrange in Ireland were transported along rivers. Important centres of worship and commerce were set beside rivers until modern times. Here’s the ruined monastery of Clonmacnoise, in the heart of old Ireland − founded by St Ciarán in 584, and chosen fo

The Commodification of Beauty

Prodigal Daughters is a panoramic book about the arts. Here I can focus on the particular and like most people I respond to immediate events around me. The stimulus for this musing was a statement by the arts minister in the Australian government. A commodity is something that can be bought and sold, which can be applied to just about everything. Today we’re told this is good because a commodity has economic value, which is enormously important. After all, isn’t economic growth what will save humanity as it lurches from crisis to crisis? With this kind of thinking, along comes the arts minister declaring that film finance should be redirected to entice big overseas investors to come to our s

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