Colouring in or Colouring out? What’s the value of colouring books?

There are two very different ways of working with colour. For the ‘in’ approach I chose the popular phenomenon of adult colouring books. Meanwhile artists (the colour ‘outers’) declare that you cannot equate colouring-in with the exploratory but exacting process of creating a visual art work. The internet is full of opinions for and against colouring books. Indeed, for every individual who praises their amazing benefits, there are plenty of critics who dismiss the activity as childish, simplistic and all kinds of other indicators of pointlessness. ​ When I trained as an art teacher colouring books were a big ‘no-no’. The fun of colouring within pre-drawn line images was frowned on because i


I find that spiritual knowledge and understanding sits somewhere near the heart of anything I write, including my biography of Sheila Florance. It’s not at all a ‘spiritual book’, yet when undertaking the task, I found myself seeking the spirit of Sheila. This is why I wrote that her story was my attempt to ‘discover that spirit, which during her life imbued the many roles she played on stage and off, yet which also endures and touches upon eternity.’ I believe this enduring quality has meant, so many years after her death, that people still love Sheila, from her friends who knew her in all her quixotic moods, to the Lizzie-Sheila fans world-wide, who saw her vibrant life force expressed in

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