Searching for the Celtic Spirit – Part 2

Stepping out along the way Stephen and I meant to start our journey in Ireland but close to the departure date I fell off a ladder and had to spend two weeks flat on my back (painfully pondering what it meant). We cut some parts of the trip, tagged Ireland onto the end, and flew to Scotland to begin there. From vigorous Glasgow we drove north around idyllic Loch Lomond, every roadside resplendent with late summer wildflowers – cow parsley, cowslip and rosebay willowherb – to the rugged Island of Mull. Then along winding single-lane roads where cars often have to back up or you needed to dodge a darting deer, and by ferry across to the mystical island of Iona. Although it’s a tourist spot, th

Searching for the Celtic Spirit – Part 1

Who were the Celts? Did their spirit endure? There was a quest underlying my journey through Europe in 2015, born from my attraction to ancient Celtic spirituality. Celtishness has been claimed by the Irish. And indeed, Ireland, the heart centre of the western lands of ancient Hibernia, is where Celtic spirituality survived the longest. To explore how this happened, I began by gathering some background about these tribes from central Europe, collectively called Keltoi or Celts. From about 1000 BCE they spread westward as far as the British Isles. They imposed their societal structures, but their approach to the spiritual was attuned to what had been an integral part of life since prehistoric

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