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'Re-imagining the wisdom of the ages for now'

Wisdom cannot be learned. Wisdom is not in books. It is an acquisition given to you by the Holy Ones. It is acquired though much pain and many tears in previous incarnations as well as the present one.  Mario Schoenmaker

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   Hi, I’m Helen Martineau. As a teacher, author and explorer of the mysteries I understand the spiritual as the wellspring of our creativity and individuality. I love to map humanity's changing consciousness over the ages and the soul's quest to find the essence of  self. 

We can reframe spirituality for today when we acknowledge the need to move towards an integral culture that has done away with divisions − masculine/feminine; art/science; this faith or that; us or nature. It’s a vision of a society that embraces individual uniqueness and universal webs of connection.

My work is informed by a stimulating career as a performer, community arts worker and teacher. The heart of my teaching comes from my personal ongoing journey and extensive research into metaphysical subjects that embrace a spiritual world view. These include the world's archetypal myths and mysteries, the feminine aspect of spirit, Western esoteric traditions, the significance of the arts for the revelation of spirit in the world, and the deeper meanings in the Bible.

Writing has become a major way of communicating and sharing themes close to my heart. My published books are available from online stores and here on the website. In the Musings and Blogs I continue to explore the ever unfolding wonder of a life aligned with spirit. The entries focus on the myriad ways that the wisdom of the ages can transform and enrich us on our lifelong journey towards wholeness − portals for us to engage in stimulating conversations.

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When we open the doors to spiritual knowledge an awe-inspiring landscape spreads out before us. It's vast, and there is so much to discover. Subscribe to receive regular posts, as I add to these paths into a land of wonders.

In the Arts and Spirit there's space to explore a wealth of topics related to inspiration, imagination and creative expression - it's for all lovers of the creative Muse, as she continually, and often surprisingly, reveals herself. It connects with my book Prodigal Daughters.

In the second stream On the Journey, musings will follow spiritual markers, events and seasons. These are the way stations for pilgrims, who like the Fool in the Tarot, shrug off the world’s illusions and step out to seek the Holy Grail, the gold at the end of the rainbow, the pearl without price that is the true self.

The third area, Body, Soul and Spirit is about us personally, discovered for example in the shifting 7-year rhythms of the soul and the vital role role of the divine feminine in the initiatory dance of life.

Mary Magdalene the female apostle has long been an inspiration for me. Magdalene Mysteries introduces Mary and the Beloved Disciple who are the subjects of my novel Marriages of the Magdalene - an imagining of their journey into the Christ mystery. You can access deeper insights about the meaning of Mary Magdalene as visionary and guide for the ages in my website Magdalene Christianity (via banner).

Helen Martineau - Spirit of the Arts
Helen Martineau - Musings for the journey


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