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'Re-imagining the wisdom of the ages for now'

Wisdom cannot be learned. Wisdom is not in books. It is an acquisition given to you by the Holy Ones. It is acquired though much pain and many tears in previous incarnations as well as the present one.  Mario Schoenmaker

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   Hi, I’m Helen Martineau. As a teacher and  author I am interested in exploring and mapping humanity's changing consciousness and the soul's quest to find the essence of  self.

I believe we can reframe spirituality for today if we acknowledge the need to move towards an integral culture that has done away with divisions − masculine/feminine; art/science; this faith or that; us or nature. It’s a vision of a society that embraces individual uniqueness and universal webs of connection.

I understand the spiritual as the wellspring of our creativity and individuality. My work is informed by a stimulating career as a performer, community arts worker and humanities teacher. As well I have undertaken extensive research into metaphysical subjects. These include the world's archetypal myths, the feminine aspect of spirit, Western esoteric traditions and the deeper meaning of the Bible.

The three main buttons in the teachings section are Spirit of the Arts, Musings for the Journey and Body, Soul and Spirit. They focus on different ways that the wisdom of the ages can transform attitudes and enrich us on our lifelong journey towards wholeness − portals for us to engage in stimulating conversations.


My blogs are briefer investigations on a diverse range of subjects emerging from the spiritual world view at the heart of my own ongoing journey.



July 6, 2020

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August 4, 2020

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June 3, 2020

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