Magdalene Christianity

The Seven Portals to a Deeper Spiritual Fulfilment

Does not wisdom call? Does not understanding raise her voice? On the heights beside the way, at the crossroads she takes her stand; beside the gates in front of the town, at the entrance of the portals Proverbs 1

A high human initiate incarnated as Mary Magdalene in first century Palestine, bringing with her ancient feminine wisdom developed through earlier incarnations.


Who was she? Who was she in her culture? What did she offer then, and what does she have to offer us two millennia later?

She received a new world-changing impulse through Jesus the Christ, in whom the archetypes of myth became mystical fact on the plane of human existence. And in the power of the mystery of love and death she fulfilled the destiny that began for her when the world was young.

But we lost her. Mary Magdalene’s profound experience, unique in the history of women, has been waylaid by misunderstanding and ungrounded claims. Yet like a rare plant her truth has survived in darkly hidden, hard to uncover places. I know and feel in my heart that if we allow this to come into the light, we will encounter its wonder and beauty. And we shall know her anew.

I have come to recognise that she has incarnated again and played new roles to help move spiritual evolution forward. Her ongoing influence is that important.

Join me as we search for the Magdalene in all her wonderful colours, a journey that will take us on a personal Grail quest and into the secret of lost Christianity.


Unravelling the Magdalene

Mary Magdalene was loved by the teacher himself. She stood out in the New Testament gospels, John’s gospel especially, as a leading disciple who fulfilled a profound role in the new mystery. She was the first apostle of Jesus Christ, yet we have no first-hand text from her, no personal reports about what she preached, and where she travelled and died.  

A century after her passing she was being enlisted by Gnostics as the mouthpiece of divine Sophia. She would later be roped in by the church fathers as a penitent sinner to encourage all women to give up their evil ways. Legends about her grew in the telling. She has long been a motivation for pilgrimages to southern France and Ephesus in Turkey. Even early French kings used stories about her to back up their claim to legitimacy.

And what a subject she has been for artists – repentant and yet still with the insignia of her supposed profession, golden haired, bare-breasted, head thrust back, eyes gazing up in ecstasy (heavenly of course).  Or she’s depicted as a haggard emblem of extreme renunciation and self-sacrifice. In recent times she has been adopted by feminist spiritual seekers as their ideal priestess.

These are parts of a truth, like shards of a broken vessel. My undertaking is to bring them together into a symbolic Grail to reveal her still living gospel. 


Hi, I'm Helen Martineau. I am a teacher, speaker, author and lover of the mysteries.

I first came to Mary Magdalene with reverence for a real woman who discovered the Christ spirit within her being. She shone so brightly in a world dominated by men and patriarchal beliefs. The Magdalene was a visionary with the courage to live her knowing and loving.






Our Magdalene journey involves seven portals opening to different ways of exploring who she was and is. I invite you to step in; each portal shines a light to dispel unknowing, and each takes us a little further towards the Magdalene as a hidden influence in our lives today.

1. Dancing with Mary through the ages

The big story of our soul evolution and our relationship with divine beings, from Great Mother to patriarchal God, to the re-emergence of divine feminine Wisdom. 


2.  Mary – back to the beginning

Who was she before Jesus? A powerful woman in a man’s world; an apostle honoured by the first Christians; wise Gnostic Mary and how her reputation was trashed as the church evolved.

3. Symbols of the Magdalene

Her dual name, seven demons, the alabaster jar, skull and egg - how they emerged, what they really mean and their import in our lives now.


4. The continuing power of    legend

The value and purpose of legends. Mary Magdalene’s many legends and the truth (and fiction) behind them – relics, journeys, sacred places, the beloved and Grail bearer.

5.  Return of the Goddess

Mary’s life re-acquaints us with Wisdom and the sacred feminine; reclaiming the goddesses and re-sacralizing nature for the balance vital for humanity and the whole earth’s wellbeing.

6. Mary Magdalene the  universal guide

The Magdalene soul through her further incarnations; her spiritual presence available now to guide us towards the essence of who we are and can be.

7. The Gospel according to Mary Magdalene

The cosmic and metaphysical secrets known to the woman who was initiated into the new Christos mystery of the I AM - an imaginative reconstruction of her story in her own words.

As we walk through these portals Mary Magdalene will take her place beside us, within the human journey towards the undivided self, the I AM. She will be present as we seek for the essence of the universal Christ spirit.


Enter the Portals Today